Nutella banana cream dessert

This morning I woke up ready to make myself a beautiful vegetable quiche but to my surprise both of the pie crusts that I had bought a week ago were destroyed (crumbled, broken) so quiche was out of the question. Besides just baking up the pie crusts and eating them as they are, which I highly recommend doing one day in your life, I thought of different ways that I could use the crust as a base to a different dish. I have had a craving for a banana cream pie, so that is the direction I went!

Important to note: This is not your grandmas traditional banana cream pie! So if you are looking for that…you came to the wrong page.

Nutella banana cream dessert

2 broken pie crusts, baked until golden brown

3 bananans

2 packs of vanilla pudding

2.5 cup of cold milk

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Nutella (I would never limit you to how much you want to add…)

In a medium bowl, add in two packs of the vanilla pudding, cinnamon and milk, whisk until smooth. Place this in the refrigerator for 10 minuets.

Once your pie crusts have cooled, crumble the pie crust into a mix of large chunks and sand like texture. Place this at the bottom on a 8×8 pan. Once your crust is down, drizzle on your Nutella and top with two medium sliced bananas.

Take out your pudding and add one sliced banana, folding until the bananas are equally divided among the pudding. Add this to the top of your pie crust mixture and set in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve (up to one day).

Before serving, add sliced bananas around the ring of dessert and (if you would like) whipped cream! I would suggest serving in individual ramekins or fun little bowls.

Life lesson, before you go to throw something broken away think of how you can transform it!