Sweet of the Day: The Fashionable Cocktail

When I received the book The Fashionable Cocktail I could not wait to open it up and discover what amazing drinks were waiting for me. What I did expect was that this book would lead me to discover which type of drink girl that I am, The Sartorialist ! I do fashion in my own way and enjoy a good Cuban Cooler. The list below is a description of each girl by the author, Jane Rocca.

The Vintage Girl is positively hung up on the past. Her wardrobe is beaming with dresses under the spell of a different time. She treasures gowns that waltzed in the wee house of somebody else’s late-night rendezvous, and adores her sequined party dresses because they whiff of dreams and hopes from another era. She’s a collector of fine couture that perfectly intact despite its age.

The Season Chaser is the most organized girl of all. Her wardrobe is categorized according to seasonal moods and textual shifts in the fabrics she wears. If her outfits were dotted on an airport runway, they would light up the tarmac, always ready to take her to some new and exotic corner of the world.

The Sartorialist femme is all about precision. She doesn’t create her own look according to anybody’s gospel but her own, and when it comes to measures, she’s only interested in applying those to the world of cocktail-making and not her fashion sense. She’s all about timeless appeal and classic wardrobe pieces that stand the test of time. She lives high atop fashions very own cliff ready to take a giant leap of faith in her own uninhibited world of dress.

The Luxe Label Girl holds a soft spot for luxury garments; those fashion pieces tailored to her high-end taste buds. She counts on glamour’s trends, fashion firsts and boutique finds for her aforementioned loves and when it comes to grooming, it’s all about tweaking this with a vive-la-difference spirit.

The Bohemian Girl protest hippie and two measures gypsy wannabe- yes, the bohemian girl is distilled proof that the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s is relevant. She’s hippie free love meets prairie cool, and is as inspired by psychedelic prints and geometric folk patterns as she is by embroidery and the need for it to be-well- almost everywhere. She channels Jane Birkin and Jerry Hall- during her 1970’s Yves Saint Laurent modeling spell- and adds the finer quirks of her fashion styling thanks to music icons like Joan Baez and Marianne Faithfull.

The Hipster Girl wants to be seen and heard, takes cure from those who break fashion rules to reinvent as her own, and sides with the couture outlaws all in the name of being hip. The hipster belongs in life’s fast lane- she’s a blogger’s delight and uses Instagram to post photos of herself to create her own brand of cool, saluting her fashion fins along the way. She is the ultimate consumer of all things popular, and swiftly moves from one season to the next, ready to put her own finishing touches on what she calls fashion.

The Haute Couture Girl is reserved for fashion’s most labor intensive dresses and pieces, considered art forms in their own right. Extravagant dominates and lovers of all things made-to-order and hand-sewn adore couture for it pantomime nature. In her finest cocktail hour the couture woman will fuss over minute details, follow the classic drinks defined by elegance and obsess over all things French.

The Cocktail Dress Girl begins her day as the sun goes down. As the peachy sunset kicks in, her favorite outfits come out to play and evening cocktails rule her way. Always sophisticated and elegant, the cocktail dress girl is chic with an eye on luxurious georgette silk dresses and crepe de chine in her desire for everlasting luxury. She is always ready to celebrate and lives for cocktail hour.

Whichever girl you are, have a great weekend and enjoy an even better cocktail!