Over the past couple of months, I had been contemplating the idea of starting a vlog (video blog) on cooking. I love talking, cooking, eating and sharing recipes so I let Drake inspire me and I said YOLO.

The name of my new blog is A 20 SOMETHINGS KITCHEN and the concept behind this is that I am a 20 something, cooking items that take 20 something, living in the 20 something day and age.

After graduating University and landing my first job, I realized there was one thing that school did not teach me, one of the most basic human necessitates, how to cook.

A 20 SOMETHINGS KITCHEN was created to help others who are in the same boat with the burning questions ‘How do I cook for one, two or 10 with limited time and resources?’.

I am no Gida or Rachel with a professional camera crew, lighting, hair and make up but that is what makes my vlog even more 20 something.

It is very homemade and if you do not find my humor funny or food good, don’t watch. If you happen to enjoy it, give’er a thumbs up. All in good fun – so let’s keep it that way!

Hope you enjoy the first video about an Almond Cake – I have dedicated it to my Hawkeyes and the glorious tailgating season that is upon us.