Let’s get realistic about (20 something) life goals

Yes, it is fun to look through social media and throw over 50 hearts on photos of perfect homes, clothes, faces, and more. I will be the first to admit that I love scrolling Instagram, watching YourTube make-up tutorials and Pinning my future (LOLOLOL) home decor…The thing with me is, I know it is all a lie! I will not have a mansion because who has time to clean that, I will not have perfect eyebrows because I am a ginger by nature and I enjoy food / sleep too much to workout EVERY DAY.

I have taken the time to break the hard news to some of you that life goals versus reality may come as a shocker to you.*

Voluminous pony tails – impossible unless you have like 5 tracks of hair put in

Cute messy buns – not happening unless….well… its just not happening…

Big Southern homes – if you are a millionaire could be a realistic goal, if you are a 20-something with student loans just be happy your credit went through for you to rent a 500 foot apartment

Puppies – they poop, they pee, they need attention all day! Personally, I can hardly take care of myself yet another being. Go buy yourself a leash, take it outside every hour and spill water on the floor every hour or two and clean it up each time….see how bad your puppy craving are at that point.

Any homemade drink (tea, coffee, vodka cranberry) – unless you are a barista or bartender there is NO way that your drink tastes as good as when you pay over $3.00-$10.00 for it

Face highlighter – it is next to near impossible to perfect unless you are tan or my sister. I literally just look like I haven’t washed my face for a couple of days and its glistening in grease.

Thigh gaps – uh, yeah, so this, just get over and love yourself.

My realistic 20 something life goals: not needing to hit snooze three times, walking by Starbucks without have an immidate craving (in a city that has one on every block next to near impossible) and having enough energy to shower at night.

*Amanda has over a year of experience in the profession of life goals versus reality – look for more in the years to come 

Conclusion: we should all hide under a rock and never go on social media again 

Don’t avoid Instagramming your nail polish or Pinning the next dinner you will cook; just don’t be disappointed in things when they are not what you were ‘expecting’ via media that surrounds us today! I am here to help…thank me later!

So true….so true…