Kisses from Paris xoxo Kardashian Family

Whether you are a Kardashian lover or a Kardashian hater, you secretly wish you were living their life for the last week. You wish that you had the fashion they were rocking, you wish you had as many Instagram likes as they did, you wish you had Kanye West as a (soon to be) brother in law….or are these just self-esteem issues I have been dealing with?

The Kardashians have been killing it this entire week. Giving me something to look forward to and gossip about with fellow Kardashian followers. I am loyal and I am here to tell you why I wish I was a Kardashian* in Paris.

1. The Fashion- there in no way that every piece that touched their perfectly curved bodies this week was purchased. Nope, I am going to go out on a limb and guess they were donated from top designers all over the world.

2. Instagram- I am not a like for like kind of girl so do not take this reason the wrong way. But I mean come on! I am happy with 12 likes on a photo…but to get over 100,000 I feel like I would be through the roof with the feeling that people actually care about me and this I am half way decent looking. (Let me rant, the Jenner sisters puberty is called money.)

3. The Food- bread. That is all I have to say.

4. Paparazzi- The Kardashians do not have to pay for professional photographs or bug another family member to take a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. Nope, all the Kardashians have to do is Google their name and date *BAM* copy, paste, print, and scrapbook. I would personally love to see them make a Christmas card of random paparazzi photos- defiantly fireplace display worthy.

5. Kanye West is your brother in law. I mean come on; Mr. West himself will be at family gatherings or holiday parties. This is the man who created one of the best hip-hop albums of my time, Graduation. This album went so hard and remains a classic to this day. Conclusion to this point: KANYE WEST WILL BE YOUR BROTHER IN LAW.

Even Rob Kardashian doesn’t have it as bad as people think this week. Yes, people made fun of him for gaining a few pounds. Who hasn’t gained a little weight over the years? Remember, we were born 7-9 lbs. so in reality we have all let ourselves go. But Rob is winning over all the haters. Rob has beautiful sisters, he is tweeting haters from a beautiful suite in Paris, he is friends with Lord Disick, and gets to hold/hangout with baby North. Robert is not doing too bad… no need to play your sympathy card for him just yet.

I end with a warm cheers to you Kardashian family, keep on killing my self-esteem and enjoy your perfect lives!

(Kardashian*)’s in Paris by Kanye West and Jay-Z is my reference there- in case you didn’t pick that up!

They can throw shade so hard

They can throw shade so hard

I need this outfit.

I need this outfit.

post baby/prewedding never looked so fabulous

post baby/prewedding never looked so fabulous


Ride or Die: Chicago Blackhawks

Ahhh, that time of year has come again in Iowa City. The weather is changing, people are happier, spring has sprung and the herd of Chicago (pronunciation shhheee-ceeegggg-gooo) Blackhawk ‘fans’ take over the city and its bar scene (and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Twitter, and Facebook). As defined by the ever so reliable Wickipedia “A fan, sometimes also called aficionado, fanny or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something, such as a band, a sports team or entertainer.” As defined by the college community of Iowa City and myself “A fan is a person who is only devoted to a team when they play to win a cup or to fit in with their peers so they drown themselves in (insert team name) paraphernalia”

I get it, if you grew up in a town near a big city where an awesome hockey teams plays, cool wear the clothes and say that you like them. Your mom and dad took you to a couple of games when you were a kid and you cannot get enough of the hockey season, cool wear the clothes and say you like them. You are the one of the ‘guys’- you have grown up around all types of sports and know all about them, cool wear the clothes and say you like them. You want to impress people that you are from ‘Chicago’ (aka a suburb that is 40 minutes outside of the city), cool wear the clothes. You are a twenty something who just recently discovered (2010 and on) who the Chicago Blackhawks are and see everybody else wearing the attire so, hell why not –it’s cool to be like everybody else, don’t wear it because that’s exactly how you come across..

I wish I knew more about hockey because I would love to ask people around Iowa City if they knew simple terms, positions, players, etc. I just think it would be interesting to see what percent of people actually like the game versus those who tag along. I write about this because I know when I see somebody wearing a “Let’s Get Weird” shirt they will know good quotes from Workaholics or when somebody is wearing a “Hustle or Die” shirt they know a thing or two about the streets. When it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks shirts I am afraid to ask if they know anything about the team.

Bottom line, if you are wearing a jersey/shirt be prepared back up your reasoning besides a drunk giggle or a broish response of “because its the cup”… you diehard ‘fan’ you!

Am I ranting? Sure. Am I jealous that I have do not have a Stanley Cup to my name? Sure. Am I a ‘bitter farm girl from Iowa’ no, I am not actually. I am just a simple student who happens to have a blog where she can post observations about her surroundings.

This is what a real fan looks like!

This is what a real fan looks like!

This is what a 'fan' looks like

This is what a ‘fan’ looks like

From Grease to Greasy!

I woke up Sunday morning and did my usual browsing through social media. Thumbing through Facebook I saw the loads of graduation photos, hot mess Iowa City photos, and posts about Mothers Day. What I came across I was not expecting…an advertisement about ‘Summer Romance’ but it only had photos of women in their undergarments (to put it politely). First of all how is that even allowed on my Facebook newsfeed? The only thing I browse that I close to porn is photos of cupcakes and pizza. I do not need to see this advertisement…but, the thing that captured my attention the most was the heading ‘In the mood for summer romance?’ When did we go from Grease to Greasy?

The movie Grease is a classic. Beautiful boy and girl fall in love in the summer but are torn apart by parents and life. Luckily, fate brings them back together and the rest movie history. But in the song ‘Summer Lovin’ there was nothing about women in the lingerie. No, it was about building sandcastles and getting friendly holding each others hands. Sandy was a classy lady who wore a skirt to her ankles and hair to her shoulders, that how she scored Danny. Yes, she comes back at the end as a stone cold fox with a giant ‘You want to get ride of me? Well here is what you are missing, stud’ but she was clothed. Danny was obsessed with her…not her colorful $25 bra set she ordered from Adore Me.

Some of you may say Amanda why another hate blog? Well, my friends, this is not a hate blog….I’m just in confusion about the idea switch on summer romances. If you have an answer, please send it my way. And let me just said that (obviously) if I were to gallivant around the streets of Waterloo I would have some kind attention…but I can tell you it wouldn’t be romantic. I would rather have somebody fall in love with me while I am wearing clothes. That is all.


Sweet of the Day: Carli and Her Guitar

When I first found out that my brother had a girlfriend I, being the good big sister that I am, did a little internet ‘check up’. I searched Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…whatever I could get my hands on. I was not expecting what I found…a Youtube page. I was sold. This new girlfriend had a YouTube page of her singing and playing the guitar without any filters or random beats of music in the background. The first song I listened to was the cover of ‘Cooler Than Me’ and my mind was blown. But my real question was where did my brother find this hidden musical gem? She was pretty, talented, in school, and could put up with a Horan. Oh, are you wondering who this sensational you woman is? Her name is Carli and her music is my Sweet of The Day.

Carli has been playing guitar and singing for about 2 1/2 years. Which I found so hard to believe because this girl has a timeless soulful voice that sounds like it has been cookin’ for years! Carli’s delay into the music scene is due to the fact she had spent her time focused on sporting activities. Carli told me that Alice Cooper is the reason that she was inspired to turn away from sports and focus on music. The second she dedicated all of her time to music, she knew it was the perfect fit for her.

Carli’s shift from sports player to guitar rocker chick happened after she saw the film “The Runaways,” based on the 1970s all-female rock band (Joan Jett’s first band, it was then that she decided ‘I wanted to be a rockstar too’). Her musical influences are too large to list, but her top talents include Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Seeing that Carli is musically inspired by bands it was no surprise when she started her own band called The Rumours. Carli is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist (I might add that my brother is in this band too, quick shout out). The Rumours goal is to open for the cover band “Hairball” at Cattle Congress this coming fall. But, until this happens they will find themselves practicing long and hard through the summer in hopes for that coveted spot in the fall.

Carli’s career goals are like any other young musician and that is to be well known and to inspire others through music. Carli credits her musical passion to successful women and bands across the decades. If Carli keeps up her hard work and dedication I believe that she can inspire others in ways she could not imagine. Even if it is becoming a local star or a YouTube sensation, Carli will be touching the lives of many young women with musical passions in the years to come.

Love at first tune!
Youtube Page:
Twitter: @carlij_petty10
Instagram: carlij_petty10
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