15 Things that People Associate with Basics Explained/Justified

Being called basic I would consider a judgmental thing. You do not know a person, what they are going through, or what they have seen in life. So in order to defend me and all my ‘basic’ features I wrote a little something to help you better understand the syndrome people are calling basic.

15 Things that People Associate with Basics Explained/Justified
1. Basics don’t wear black leggings to fit in- we wear them because they are comfortable and can hide the fact I ate a whole cheese pizza last night, alone.

2. Basics don’t carry a Vera Bradley Backpack to fit it- it just happens to be the cutest one possible in a world of ugly backpacks.

3. Basics don’t pose in weird contorted ways with their friends when we are in groups to fit in- we stand next to our friends and try to look presentable for the photo while slightly popping the knee.

see, it has been around since women were taking photos. so sit down and shut up.

see, it has been around since women were taking photos. so sit down and shut up.

4. Basics don’t wear Lilly Pulitzer to fit it- we wear Lilly Pultizer because we are obsessed with colors, prints, and everything the brand represents.

5. Basics don’t wear 8 year old grimy UGGS to fit in- we wear them because it is freezing and they double as a security blanket.

6. Basic don’t show off their ‘homemade food’ to fit in…we are just showing other people in the world they need to step their domestic game up. (Pinning something on Pintrest does not count, sorry.)

7. Basics don’t order a Pumpkin Spice Latte to fit in- we order it because it is amazing, makes us do a little happy dance and reminds me why I was willing to spend $4 on the drink to begin with.

8. Basics don’t wear knee high ‘riding’ boots to fit in…they are just a lot cuter with my leggings and skinny jeans that a pair of tennis shoes could ever be.

9. Basics don’t take photos of nature to fit in…we do it to show off that we can handle being in nature long enough to take a photo then filter it.
nature photo

10. Basics don’t wear puffer vest to fit in…we do it because there is no other alternative to con conquer weather’s dramatic changes. (Example: early morning brisk, afternoon heat)

this outfit is perfect. Hashtag Monogram, Hashtag Preppy Hashtag Burr

this outfit is perfect. Hashtag Monogram, Hashtag Preppy Hashtag Burr

11. Basics don’t drink wine to fit in…we do it because it is cheap and you can do it at home and not be considered an alcoholic.

12. Basics don’t filter the hell out of photos to fit in…we just want to look tan.

13. Basics don’t wear rain boots to fit in…What the hell do you expect us to wear when it is pouring rain.

14. Basics don’t take photos of macaroons to fit it…have you ever tried one? You would understand.

15. Basics don’t sit on their laptops writing blogs while drinking coffee to fit in…it is just what bloggers do! (Did I just give myself away?).

I hope the next time you go to call somebody basic remember… Its adaptation and improvising. Give us a little more credit.

PS: loving fall is not basic. It is just the best season of the year.

PPS: loving Target is not basic. It is just thee MOST AMAZING STORE WHERE SHOPPING A.D.D ALWAYS KICKS IN.


Sweet of The Day: Shannon Leigh

In case you have been living under a rock you should know I put my roots down in Toronto. Like any 20 something who moves to a new city the first thing I turned to was Instagram. I found photos of poutine, festivals, and most impressively an artist named Shannon Leigh. Her art grabbed my attention right away. She does not draw but instead expresses her passion through words. I reached out to Shannon to not only to fan girl over her work, but to see if she would let me share her work with you all. She said “Yes.” Shannon Leigh and her art are my sweet of the day.

A quick background on Shannon before I share some of her pieces.

Shannon is from North Bay Ontario but moved to Toronto two years ago for a job (…sounds all too familiar). She graduated from the University of Ottawa with honors in criminology then worked various jobs in the justice field. But her passion was in something deeper than crime and justice, it was in art.

While in high school Shannon discovered her love/obsession with quotes and song lyrics. Shannon said “in order to get through class without falling asleep I would doodle words and phrases all over my lined sheets of paper in every which direction, font and style. It allowed me to reflect on how I was feeling at the time…almost like an internal dialogue.”

Shannon knew that her self taught passion was art, but like any student who enters college (University as they call it up here) things are put onto the back burner. Shannon got back into the pool of drawing in a high stress time of her life where she said that her art and drawing became “consuming, rusty at first but slowly evolved and it manifested itself.”

The current project that Shannon is working on is a t-shirt logo for her friends music. She has projects and ideas flooding in everyday and people who are hoping to collaborate with her to grab a slice of this talent! I am lucky enough to be one of those people in line. Shannon is working on a few pieces for me at the moment and I cannot wait to share them with you all once they are finished!

Shannon hopes that her work can somebody be turned into a career and I believe that it will be. It is hard to come across work like this from such raw talent and from somebody who is in the same city as you. I hope that you all will check out Shannon’s work on her iCloud page as well as Instagram and fall in love instantly like i did.

Instagram: shanleighwats