Moments that Stand Still in Time

It has been said that there are many moments in your life that you will never forget. Your first car, your first job, the day you get married, the day that you have children, the first time you try twinkles and now there is no turning back.

There is one moment in my life that will forever be with me, one I did not expect at the age of 22 sitting in my bedroom receiving the news over the phone. The moment when I heard the words come from my sisters mouth that she was gone. The moment where for the first time in my life my heart skipped a beat in pain and disbelief. The first time I tried to explain what happened and felt my body fall to the floor in anguish. This moment for me that I will never forget is loosing my best friend, Tiffany Lemper. This moment that will forever stand still in time.

Tiffany drew me in from the first time that I met her in middle school of my friends birthday sleepover. It was the usual things eating pizza, running around the house, drooling over the boy who lived across the street and just laughing. Between the pizza and ice cream treats I saw Tiffany in the other room fiddling around with a strange device I had never seen. She explained to me that she had diabetes and in order for her to feel good she had to inject herself with a special medicine. Special medicine for a special girl, I thought to myself.

It was not until high school that Tiffany and I crossed paths again finding ourselves in multiple classes together. From there it was so natural the friendship that we struck up. Soon enough we found ourselves running around town living as if tomorrow we did not have to be at school at 7:30 a.m. I am sure you know (if you are a reader from West High School) from first hand experience what Tiffany and I were like: young, wild and free. Tiffany and I were so gangster, nothing could stop us. There was nothing or nobody that could tear us apart, we were inseparable. Graduation day came and it seemed like time flew by, I remember turning to her and saying “Thank you for saving my ass all those times” with the biggest smile on both of our faces that turned into laughs and reminiscing.

When it came time for me to move off to college Tiffany was my biggest fan. Telling me how amazing it was that I was going to Iowa, how much she believed in me, how proud she was of me. Tiffany had a way of reminding people how important they were to here and how proud she was. Her spirit traveled with me to college and there wasn’t a week we didn’t talk. As time went on we both became very busy, but stayed close. When I would come home for a visit she was the first person I made sure to see! She was full of life, love and happiness something everybody strives for.

When Tiffany bundled up the funds and courage to move to Colorado I could not have been more proud and excited for the journey she pushed herself to start. Colorado was the perfect place for Tiffany. She was able to explore the mountains, forrest and lakes that moved her soul in more ways than one could imagine. Her passion for snowboarding and biking inspired me to one day want to live out in Colorado and experience the magic for myself that Tiffany always spoke about.

When Tiffany came home for these past holidays it was a blessing. To have my best friend back in the midwest laughing, eating and just talking for hours straight about anything. Saying goodbye to somebody had never been so hard and watching her drive away…well, I wish i would have known it would be the last time I laugh and hug my best friend.

God works in the strangest ways. You cannot be mad at him for it, for it is the way that the stars had been written. Loosing Tiffany has been one of the hardest things I have experienced and I know that I am not the only person to feel this pain. Tiffany had touched the lives of so many people in so many different ways that I am sure she is wearing a halo and multiple badges of honor up there in heaven. Whenever a Lil Wayne song plays on my iPod I start to laugh knowing it was probably Tiffany who picked the song to play as a reminder of the good times we had experienced. Her laughter, joy and love for life will never be forgotten and inspires me every day to push on towards my goals.

Ms. Tiffany Amber Lemper will forever be in my heart, mind and soul. The memories I carry today will forever stand still in time as some of the greatest moments in my life.