The Past is a Present for the Future

You always hear people say “If I could go back I would have changed (insert word) and I would have done things different”. When you hear the explanation or reason behind what they would have done differently there is no regret, just ‘older and wiser’ advice they would give themselves. I will be the first to admit I have found myself thinking of solutions to old problems that have already been solved or conversations that have already been had. The more I dwell the more I learn what I can do in the future versus what I could have done or changed in the past.

The biggest piece of advice I would give my younger self and anybody today (I will say now in case you do not want to dig through the blog to find it) is to over communicate your love to those you love and never take a moment for granted. I have had the privilege to know the most amazing people but God brought them home sooner than expected. I always find myself saying ‘I wish I could hug them one last time, tell them how much they mean to me and how much I love them’ but from those moments of thought I have changed the way and how often I reach out to people. Please do the same, do not miss a moment or an opportunity because ‘you keep forgetting’ or do not feel like putting up $2 to send somebody a hand written card.

I reached out to friends and family asking what they would tell their younger selves. I found every response to be inspiring and something that could be applied to any roadmap looking forward.

Advice from my Aunt Sue:
– Be adventurous, don’t let others hold you back, just do it.
– Do what you like to do and look into other states and do it
Example: I would have loved to biked the trail from the top of Vermont to the bottom of Vermont. When I was young I never thought trails like this existed. So if you love to bike, there are so many trails in US to do so, Napa Valley bike winery to winery ….. Venture out of you comfort zone and have fun doing it.
– Explore while you are able to.
– Try new things.
– You have ONE life to live and it is YOUR life to live – no one else’s. They have their own.

Advice from a new friend here in Toronto, Lee-Anne:
– Be kind to yourself.
– Forgive – this includes yourself
– Figure out what makes you happy and do those things. Now. And Often

You are invisible without money, save it for the future because it will be here before you know it

Advice from my beautiful little ‘Bric’:
– Be patient in life and in finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.
– Don’t settle for someone who only makes you somewhat happy, strive for your true love and be picky it’s ok.
– Don’t care what people think
– Love your family and respect them
– Listen to your parents..they’re almost always right
– Don’t do the popular thing just to be cool
– Follow your gut and don’t be afraid to say no.

Advice from Ms. Coffee Bean Jean:
– Spend below what you make and save your money
– Without your health you have nothing
– Take care of those less fortunate than yourself

Life is life, what keeps us going is the untold future

Advice I would give:
– Do not straighten your hair so much, because it will fry and will get shorter and shorter
– Be careful to not let people fool you that they are your friend. There are some people out there who will use you with only their best interest in mind.
– When you think you cannot go any further go for one more moment, you will not regret it
– What stresses you out now will look like nothing when you look back a year later
– You will fail, but you will learn
– Why rush anything? The only thing in life that should be rushed is your online Target order. Just wait for things to happen naturally.
– Do not try iced coffee, because you will fall in love and become addicted
– Always keep in contact with people you love and over communicate your love to them (friends, grandparents, siblings, etc). You do not know when your last moment will be with them or what your last words will be.
– Park your car and attached u-haul closer to the hotel you are staying in the night before you move to Toronto so that security cameras can pick up the people who steal it. (Yes, this happened. I lost everything I owned when I moved to Canada in a car theft. Life update)

I hope that you have had moments where you look back and think of better solutions to past problems. By acknowledging these past events there is so much to be learned and applied to the future. I hope that at least one piece of advice has inspired you in some way.

Don’t forget to chase sunsets