Everybody waits around for summer to be here, from laying out by the pool to grilling with friends and family it is the perfect season in most peoples eyes. I agree that there are wonderful things about summer, but it is September-December that I look forward to because that means pumpkin flavoring takes over EVERYTHING.

I have always had a great love with pumpkin flavored things. We all start out loving pumpkin pie, but as we and our taste buds grow older we stumble upon new discovers mine happened while in college. Thee Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

My first run-in with this warm, rich pumpkin flavored drink happened one crisp fall day and I have never looked back. I thought to myself after the first sip ‘This could not be true that somebody was able to produce fall in a cup’ but it happened. I felt like I had discovered a secret world of obsessions that would be hard to escape…this thing had MEMEs and Tumbler pages for crying out loud. l was a fast moving ball of exploration, from there I had discovered coffee creamers, wine, and chapstick. All great. But this year I have noticed the pumpkin game has stepped up a few notches.

Bath and Body: They came out swinging- They have an ENTIRE collection of candles dedicated to the sweet smell of pumpkin. On top of that, the candles were released in August…AUGUST!

buy me all of these, please and thanks.

buy me all of these, please and thanks.

Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons: Giving the world one more thing to wake up for from pumpkin iced coffee to pumpkin cream cheese spread.

good morning, noon, or night.

good morning, noon, or night.

M&M, Oreos, Gum, Beer, Butter, Ice Cream I mean…it is as if all of my dreams are coming into full fruition. BUT is it all urban/social media legend? I hope that some sick person out there with killer photoshop skills is not putting false hope in this head of mine.

I'm just a girl...loving the pumpkin spice world.

I’m just a girl…loving the pumpkin spice world.

Some may say this is a white girl problem, but I say it is an every girl problem, and its not even a problem really…more like a way of life that not every agrees with. Guys will never understand the obsession nor do they have to- they just have to go with it, or die.

The mayhem grows every year and I am right there to support it in my black leggings, knee high ‘riding boots’, a flannel, and puffer vest on.


What Was Carrie Doing?

If you know me you know that I am a HUGE fan of Sex and the City. The clothes, the males, the drinks…all good. But the other day I was watching an episode and the question hit me ‘What does Carrie do when we are not seeing her?’ Odd question or one that you might not get right away, so let me go more into detail.

When we (I am grouping all of us viewers together) would be watching the 30 minute segments we only saw a few days of Carries life. We saw her fall in and out of love with the Russian, Big, Aden (my heart still hurts over that), and Burger. We saw her eat breakfast, have cocktails with the other three ladies, and order Chinese food to her apartment. We saw her write her column, go on vacations, and shop. But what the heck was she doing the other 4-5 days of the week.

Guess #1: Working Out. Easily. She had to have been…she had one of the sickest bodies in the television game.

Guess #2: Gambling. Caries clothes, her shoes, her handbags = every females heaven. How did she get by on a writers salary? She had to have been one good black jack player, amazing at rolling dice, or lucky at the penny slots.

Guess #3: Tanning. Carrie always had this gorgeous glow about her. Can’t pull a fast one on me.

Guess #4: Getting her hair colored. We never saw episodes of anything pertaining to her gorgeous locks. She looked good with dark hair but the Carrie I know and love is a blonde.

Guess #5: Grocery shopping. Or maybe not…explains her size.

Carrie Bradshaw will always be one of my favorite characters, but I will live in wonder of what she did for most of the week.

perfect hair, perfect face, perfect outfit. Carrie strikes again.

perfect hair, perfect face, perfect outfit. Carrie strikes again.

Why Big? Yet another question I have difficulty  answering.

Why Big? Yet another question I have difficulty answering.

Hanger IS a Real Problem!

We have heard the news stories and seen the videos of people attacking others at fast food restaurants. ‘Why do these things happen among civilized people?’ most may comment. I reply to this epidemic by asking… Have you ever been so hungry that you notice an alter ego coming on? One that is mean, snarky, and just doesn’t want to deal with any living being? That alter ego is Hanger. Hanger can come at any moment throughout the day whether you are at work or with friends. It results in out lash and irritation over the littlest thing, headaches, fights at fast food restaurants, and mood swings.

Urban Dictionary describes Hanger as… A lethal combination of hunger and anger, the result of waiting so long to eat that your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels, impairing both your mood and your judgment. Particularly manifests itself when you are with a significant other and trying to make decisions about where to eat now that you’re both starving.

If you can relate to anything that has been said above please know that you are not alone! Hanger is real and with the help of your friends and family it can be overcome.

So, when you notice yourself or others being overtaken by Hanger run DON’T WALK to the nearest Subway or Taco Bell to help get rid of it ASAP! You do not want to have a friendship to turn into a yelling fest of why you wouldn’t feed them or fight with a McDonald’s worker who did not cook your burger fast enough. Also, when somebody is experiencing Hanger do not tell them they should have known to eat before venturing out of the house. From personal experience I know Hanger goes from 46-100% real quick and will attack anyone in its presence.

If you or a loved one is experiencing Hanger, please call your local Pizza Hut and order a loaded large pizza and an order of cheese sticks. Hanger CAN BE BEAT. Once it is solved you will notice a person go from wanting to murder to wanting to smile.