Who Gave You The Right to Judge?

The typical conversation about females consists of this: Person A “Wow, she looks so good!” Person B “Nahh, she is fat. She needs to learn what a gym, is or just stop eating”. What? Are you kidding me? Since when Person B determine what was skinny and what was fat. Kate Upton for example (I do not understand the obsession, but I digress) is not fat. Kim Kardashian is not fat. If you type in these women’s names on Google there is a subsection of ‘(Name) fat’! Candice Swanepoel is defiantly not fat… yes, I have heard a person say that she is fat because of her curves. Oh, and this one gets me. Person B who says how nasty women look post baby….please do not get me started *breath Amanda, breath*

For somebody to sit there (male or female) and call somebody fat is crazy to me. I always respond with “Well, what are you doing to better yourself?” Sitting in front of a computer all day or a TV does nothing to help you in life. So people have some extra skin or love here and there. So what? Who are you, this lazy judgmental person to break down somebody’s temple they live with their whole life? People are different. We are different colors, sizes, and shapes. We speak different languages, eat different food, and enjoy different recreational activities. That is the most beautiful thing about life.

Today may be one large rant about rude people, or it may be the truth that has been bundled up inside of me for a while. Either way I hope that you look in the mirror tonight without thinking about stereotypes or what others want you to look like and just be happy.

I leave you with a bible verse Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Don’t let a log create an illusion of something that is right in front of you- Face your log before you can judge somebody on their speck!



Oh, You Wear Lululemon?

Oh, you wear Lululemon? You must love doing Yoga and work out all of the time. These are the first thoughts that come to my mind when I see a girl walk by in Lululemon on campus. Yes, I understand it is a name brand; they have good workout clothing and it shows others that you can afford to blow $80+ on yoga pants vs. the Victoria’s Secret ones that the peasants wear.

Of the girls I see on campus wearing this brand I am sure that at least 18% of them workout in Lululemon or actually enjoy going to the gym. The other 82% hate the gym. They would rather sit at home and re-pin their ‘dream’ workout body and a workout program that they just cannot forget about. *forgets 10 seconds after pinning a photo of deep fried cheesecake balls*

I am sure that when Lululemon was created there was no intention to be worn and not used. If you go to their website it shows that too. Their photos are of men and women working out not sitting on their phones Instrgramming selfies #Lululemon #ChiaTeaLatteSkinnyFat or chain watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.


Anti-This Could Be Us But You Playin

How my Twitter news feed got cluttered up with sloppy, sad, hormonal driven teenage relationship posts is beyond. I guess I have myself to blame for thinking I was going to like an account because of their Disney Princess making a snob face or the fact they had a cute filtered photo of a bow in their hair. I gave these twitter accounts a chance, but it backfired. They are constantly reposting things about When you see BAE, I want this relationship or This could be us but you playing.

Is that the cool new thing to do when you are in a relationship or (God bless this term) talking? In my day we went to Taco Bell and hung out with friends. None of this pushing me against the wall and gnawing on my bottom lip. People are jealous of this kind of teenage relationship? Why? Why be jealous a bunch of high schoolers taking fake staged photos of pushing each other against a wall or ‘laughing’ / canoodling on the couch. IF you push me…I WILL hurt you. Nobody puts baby in the corner or Amanda on the wall. I am not a perfect spelling test from the second grade or an honors student certificate.

So, no. This could not be us because I am not 14 and I respect myself. Keep playing kids- Amanda is going to mix herself a screwdriver to gulp down this harsh new reality of 21st century relationships. *sigh*


Sweet of the Day: The Lilly Pulitzer ’14 Spring Collection

My sweet of the day is Lilly Pulitzer’s Spring Pinsperation 2014. Lilly never fails to pull me in but this season/board is speaking to my preppy soul. Between the tulips, foxes, and mermaids my heart melts with every image I see.

I discovered the Lilly Pulitzer brand when my best friend and I were in Key West for spring break and came across her store- I could not resist falling in love with the bright colors and fun prints! I did not know how much of a history and customer loyatly the brand carried until I looked into hashtags and other blogs. Since then I have followed Lilly on Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook- I enjoy going on these and seeing what people are wearing or decorating their homes with. All of the women who love this brand are so preppy, stylish, and on top of their Lilly game.

Though Iowa does not have a lot of places to buy Lilly… some stores around my area are catching on and getting a few items here and there (Von Maur and TJ Maxx). I have to admit I have party planning Lilly books, notebooks, magnets, dresses….the list goes on. I even buy things for my friends to introduce them to the brand and just because I love it that much. My dream job as well as other women around the world would be to work at Lilly doing Marketing or Social Media! *someday, someday*

On that long love letter to Lilly- I cannot wait to see what the years will bring for Lilly Pulitzer and my closet!
PS: Counting down the days to wear my graduation dress…you guessed right- its Lilly!

She's a Fox!

She’s a Fox!


What Are You Looking At?

When I first heard the 1Direction song That’s What Makes You Beautiful the statement “The way you smile at the ground…” confused me. Who smiles at the ground? My answer was found a few days later browsing the classic “My Style” board. If you are unaware what a style board is it is filled with purses people can only dream of and hair that only airbrushing can give you. Another thing that the board provides a user with is photos of women looking down and smiling in cute outfits. But what are they looking at? Is it the new universal thing to do when you are wearing a cute photogenic outfit? Maybe I should try this out next time I take a photo in a cute outfit…well, no. Maybe not. I know that I actually look better when I am looking AT the camera and these are the reasons why…
1. My parents did not pay the large undisclosed amount to put braces on me in order to show off my smile to a concrete slab.
2. If I turn to the side I look like an Egyptian pharaoh- yes, it is a curse and a gift being born with these strong facial features. It is like Sarah Jessica Parker mated with KE$HA.
3. There is NOTHING interesting on the ground below me. You might catch me sneezing or finding a $5 bill but never purposefully looking at the ground in my Sunday best.

The conclusion is that these women must be confused where they are at or what they are doing. So instead of asking for help or directions they ponder with a smile on their face. How elegant of them. My advice is that the next time that you see somebody taking a picture while looking at the ground… be a kind soul, ask if they are lost and if not raise their chin up and face their head towards the camera.

This has been a public service announcement courtesy of Sunsets and Sweets.

what you lookingwhat you looking2

“Style” of College Students

If you were like most American teenagers, you did research about what college would be like, what classes should be avoided, and most importantly what to wear. While scanning Pintrest it is easy to see how people can be very disappointed when they get to college and realize people only dress in presentable clothing if they have a job interview or are going to appear in court after class (in attempt to get out of a drinking ticket). People do not wear skin tight jeans every day with a cute top. No. Just accept the fact that you may look like a homeless person 5 out of 7 days a week. Sure, guys are going to judge you for dressing like this and so will the girls who are always perfectly presentable. That is life. Sweatpants are your friend. Sweatshirts will feel like a giant warm sleeping bag you never want to leave (and probably won’t for that week of classes). Uggs are your protection from the harsh weather conditions being thrown at you. Accept it, embrace it, enjoy it.

And as for those overpriced but amazing Starbucks drinks? You will only be able to afford 1-2 every month. So get that image out of your head that everyday you will be grabbing a big’ol Frappuccino or Carmel Macchiato before class. BUT once you do have your monthly you are going to look like Brittney Pre-melt Down not the cute girl laughing while holding a drink or looking off in the distance at God only knows what. (I call those candid A.D.D. photos- but I will save that for another day.)

Conclusion: Thank you Pintrest for ONE of your MANY false hopes and promises about how my life will be..

Flannel is NOT the New Black

I read somewhere that flannel is the new black. False. This is not true and DO NOT believe it. Has flannel ever made you look like you DIDNT eat that full rack of Papa Johns Breadsticks? Has flannel ever been there when no other color would want to make you look good? Has flannel ever gotten as many compliments as black? Well, unless you are constantly attending country concerts or are ‘hip’ the answer to the following is NO. Flannel has never been there for you or me the way that black has.

Audrey Hepburn isn’t a style icon because she was wearing a tank top with a flannel that was tied around her waist at Tiffany’s. No. She was wearing that stunning black Givenchy that went down is clothing history, at Tiffany’s.

I love flannel under my puffer vests and that is about it. Sorry Kylie Jenner, sorry.