Taylor Swift and Amanda Horan’s Relationship Status: Complicated

If you know me, you know that I have never been a Taylor Swift fan. From her curly haired country days to her straight hair bob-cut days of pure pop- I have never been a ‘Swiftie’. But the more I dispise her the more I ponder…Has my hate for Taylor Swift been a school boy crush this whole time? I mean she is super talented, self made and was acknowledged by Kanye West at one point of her life. Taylor Swift is the boss lady that most of us pretend to be.

Hate: that she was singing half naked at the Victoria Secret fashion show
But secretly love her legs and could only dream that I had her body (I just love pizza too much)


Hate: listening to her music
But secretly love that I know all of the lyrics

Hate: that she has dated Harry Styles
But secretly love that because it makes my sister jealous


Hate: she sings and dances along to rap music at award shows
But secretly love it because I would do the exact same thing #WGP



Hate: the fact that she invites fans to her house to listen to her album
But secretly love it and wish I was there

Hate: the red lipstick that she wears
But secretly love…wait, no. The lipstick does nothing for me.

46th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Hate: how much she complains about men
But secretly love it because some guys do suck

Hate: her perfectly curled hair in the beginning of her career
But secretly love that it was not at all natural and we all knew it


Hate: most of the clothes that she wears
But secretly love that she can rock whatever and her fans do not judge

Hate: that she has a bunch of celebrity friends
But secretly love that they entertain me on Instagram


I cannot believe I just wrote an article dedicated to Taylor Swift, but then again love makes you do crazy things. Wait, what? Who am I?

PS: Never Forget