Life of a Curly Girl

The say the bigger the hair the bigger the attitude. I have one simple explanation for that. Big haired, curly girls have to have an attitude because of the way we get treated on a daily basis. ‘Your hair is so wild’ or ‘I bet it looks insane when you brush it’. I get it ok… my hair is not pin straight and anti humidity like yours, but please if you are not looking for a snap then take a step back.

Morning Struggle

It all starts when you wake up. The big morning stretch, roll your neck a few time to kick out any kinks out and pat the top of your head. First thought that comes to mind? Lord only knows what my hair is going to look like this morning. It usually consist of looking like Albert Einstein, Willy Wonka or Joe Dirt (but with a perm). Naturally, it is only right to control the situation and pull it half back or put it into a bun.

Destination disasters

You get to your destination (work, grocery store, friends apartment, etc.). On your way, it started to rain and happened to be 90 degrees out. What was once a controlled look of craziness just went to another level. A good inch away from where your hair line starts sits a layer of frizz. I know, I went a doped the F word in an article about curly hair. But I can say it because it applies to me (HA). Nobody understand the struggle. Oh, your hair goes even more flat when it rains (insert forced tear). You then have to deal with the remarks that range from your hair is so full to wow it must be raining. Try dealing with that on a daily basis in the spring / summer and tell me you don’t get a little hardened.

Hair balance 

To brush or not to brush? To shower at night or in the morning? Those are the most basic questions a curly can ask themselves. If you were born with a tender scalp and hair straight hair… bless your lucky stars. It take a tough person to endure the amount of force used to brush curly hair and / or remove a snarl.

If you wash it in the morning: If you do not give yourself an hour or more… thats it. You run the risk of your hair not drying in time, so people may mistake you for a wet dog.

If you wash it at night: Style and have enough time for it to dry to perfection…but it has been decided it will be a pizza and Netflix kind of night. *Sigh* The second you head hits the pillow deflation begins. The volume get turned down a notch and your hair get snarled within seconds.

Please, before you go and comment on a curly’s hair and expect and angelic reaction… just don’t. If you are not going to compliment on their hair, just hold back the comments. Thank me later and remember these are the words to stay away from: Wild, Crazy, Frizzy, Huge, Nappy, etc.

P.S. I take huge offense to the Kayak commercial about the woman whose ‘hair style is out of style’. I was born this way, I can’t help it. Conclusion: Kayak sucks anyways.

Shout out to curly's in a Disney movie... finally.

Shout out to curly’s in a Disney movie… finally.


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