Coming down off of Lana Del Rey

I woke up this morning with a fuzzy memory and a slight urge of wanting more. I went the whole day with this feeling mixed with goosebumps, anxiety and irritability. It was not until I turned on my iPod that I realized that… I was coming down off of a Lana Del Rey high. My symptons after a Lana concert were the same as those coming down off of hard core drugs.

Where did my downward spiral begin? Forever 21 in 2011. That is the first time that Lana’s music hit my ear drums. I remember hearing one lyric and running across the store to my sister, who in turn, was also looking for me so that we could discuss what on earth just happened. After that, we were hooked to Lana Del Rey without any warning.

Since this moment I have followed Lana and her music, watching her career and fan base grow. She is a hot thing in music right now intoxicating all she touches. Luckily, I had experienced this intoxication a few years back so instead of discovering a new artist, I threw my hand in the air and cranked up the music. The lyrics that she writes and sings hit your veins like ice, because they are familiar to your life and those emotions you feel are out of body. Lana sings the songs, but you experience the roller coaster.

June 3 came around and it was time. My big moment to experience Lana Del Rey live in living color. I zipped up my boots, jumped on my bike and headed over to the arena. It was everything I expected flower crowns, crop tops and converse shoes. All in which I was not wearing nor own. I was there for one reason only, my love of Lana.

The moment that she took stage I hit euphoria. Her voice hit me and it felt like a kiss. Tears roll down my cheeks and I sang in praise of the Queen. I have never witnessed an artist who sounds just as good (if not better) in concert as they do on their albums. The rest of the night I am in a trance – her beauty, voice and stage presence had me hooked. I left wanting more, but that is what Lana will do to you. Give you so much… but keep you wanting and coming back for more.

This leads me back to the beginning of the story. The moment I turned on Lana Del Rey on my iPod my world was balanced again. Nobody had warned me that this would happen, but I would not want it any other way. I could not even listen to the songs she sang in concert without getting a little emotional. I am waiting to see what Honeymoon brings me and the thousands of others awaiting for more of that Lana.

(if I am friends with you and you do not know Lana’s music, I would suggest you hit up YouTube NOW)

The Queen in my city xo

The Queen in my city xo

gif Lana laughing


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