April 19, 2015 “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy” for Lilly Pulitzer

“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”: Lilly lovers ask for a Declaration of War. Women of America attack on Target’s nation wide April 19, 2015, stunning everyone. Lilly lovers carried out much determined and thought out plans of attack on the Lilly for Target line.

Not going to lie… I took part in the madness. Setting alarms so that I would be awake when it went live online. Scheming and plotting how I would out smart the crowd waiting on their laptops. Luckily, people were giving away their secrets! Sadly I was not the only person to discover these little nuggets of gold, three items left my cart within a few minutes. I was able to score a dress, top and bag though!

I have never been happier to wake up after less than 5 hours of sleep. I woke up to text, Instagram tags, snapchats of the madness that was Target. Rumor on the social media streets is that stuff was off the shelves within minutes! My sister and mom were out to hunt! Getting some great stuff while seeing the craziness of Lilly lovers {My sister had a romper on the tip of her fingers and somebody took it…} while my mom had somebody comment on her photo, jealous as ever about her cart and the amount of things she had.

Lesson: People can be very aggressive when they do not get their Lilly way. We are supposed to unite as one ladies! Rise up and be proud of each other’s Hauls. I may also note, we live in Iowa not the South where there is a Lilly in almost every town. So if you are going to come onto people’s Instagrams and Twitters to attack them go grab a mimosa and reevaluate your life that you are sitting behind a social medium to be rude to a fellow Lilly sister.

I love there there was a collaboration. I think it is a great way to expose the brand to those who may have not seen/worn it before.  I do not see the need to hate and this it is degrading the brand. If you truly love Lilly be happy that the fruit stand movement has expanded!

Cant wait to see what is next for Lilly – I will be waiting with my shift dress on!


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