These are a few of our favorite things…

If you are anything like me, there is a thrill that comes out of a new bag, fresh cut flowers and a beautifully crafted Starbucks drink. Unfortunately I cannot share this excitement with the opposite sex. They do not care about my $6 coffee or new Vera Bradley, they only care about…other things. In my frustrations I complied a list of things that us girls truly care about but guys just, well, don’t.

New mascara: New opportunities to look bright eyed an busy tailed

Messy, rachet buns: Life is better with a bun



Flowers: fresh cut flowers are so beautiful, yes they die within days but they are worth every smile and snifftumblr_m5ful9e6DQ1qbr8r3o1_500

Cards: a simple card can turn the day around, quickly

Disney Princesses: We each have out favorite character we attempt to embody


Books: What girl doesn’t like pretending they live in penthouse, wear a size 0 dress and have champagne at every meal?

No Make-up: Going from 20-something to a 14 year old again


Starbucks, or any kind of frilly drink: sugar high and bank low

Candles: combination of fire and wonderful smells, what is not to love? #Pyro 8eb61623275b7e1413536e4146b9f42d

Shopping: therapy comes in the form of new sweaters and leggings

Cupcakes: Because we feel less guilty eating a whole cupcake vs. an entire cake 8cfd72548f6553b3a768a6e388af69be

Dry shampoo: Ain’t nobody got time to wash and dry their hair daily

Cleaning supplies: Febreze——FAAABREEEZE!


Towels: Excuse to theme your house all year round

Louboutin Obsession: Someday, somehow every woman should own a pair #RedBottoms Christian-Louboutin-New-Helmut-Shoes-297-4

Pintrest: A week isn’t complete unless a receipe or outfit came from this website

Lana Del Rey: She is more than a whiny voice, she is our queen!


This blog: *pause* The idea of traveling to

Paris: bread, lights , coffee, macaroons, love…did I mention bread?



Instagram filters: We wanna look tan!

Can I get an Amen?!


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