Top 10 Songs (Secretly) Written about Pizza

It has been said that you do not know unconditional love until you own a dog. I say you do not know unconditional love until you have had pizza.I share photos of pizza, dedicate multiple tweets a week to it and have very naughty dreams of me eating whole stuffed crust pizzas, ON MY OWN.

There is nothing better than a perfectly cooked cheesy pizza. Add mushrooms, olives…hell come one come all! The more I obsess the more I find others obsessing too- especially in the music industry. Yes, musicians are secretly talking about pizza in their songs. I have complied a list of the Top 10 Songs (Secrectly) Written about Pizza. Forget Jack from Titanic and Miley Cryus perfect ex-fiance Liam. This is real heartbreaking romance that ends with an empty plate.

1. I Want to Know What Love is- Foreigner
“I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me”
Obviously he is asking for somebody to bring him a deep dish pizza, duh.

2. 21 Questions- 50 cent
“If I wrote you a love letter would you write back?”
50, pizza does write back. It is called the sauce language smeared across your plate at the end of the meal.

3. Adore You- Miley Cyrus
“When you say you love me, know I love you more. When you say you need me, know I need you more. Boy* I adore you”
Boy* code word for pizza.

4. Hot in Here- Nelly
“Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes”
The cheese will come off the pizza crust eventually Nelly, calm down.

5. My Heart will Go On- Celine Dion
“Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you”
Sista, I know your pain. #PizzaSweats #HotDreams

6. Grind on Me- Pretty Ricky
“Grind on me, relax your mind take your time on me”
Pretty Ricky clearly had lyrical input from their mouth. Grind on me- teeth rubbing against pizza crust. Take your time on me- luscious cheese and sauce on their tongue. Inspiration comes from within, right?

7. Heartless- Kanye West
“How could you be so Dr. Evil your bringing out a side of me that I don’t know”
Kanye speaks from his heart and in this case his heart is throbbing over the fact he ordered spicy salami and jalapeños. Its called Tums and Pepto, dude!

8. Right Above It- Lil Wayne ft. Drake
“You know you at the top when only heaven’s right above it”
Lil Wayne was faded while writing this song and was envisioning himself as the basil infused tomato sauce that sits under need the cheese in a pizza. Cheese is heaven. Cheese is life.

9. Hate How Much I Love You- Rihanna
“I hate how much I love you boy*. I cant stand how much I need you!”
Once again, subliminal message where boy means pizza. I see you RiRi.

10. Video Games- Lana Del Rey
“Tell you all the time, heaven is a place on earth with you”
Heaven is a place on earth with pizza, you are correct Lana. It is like angels live in the puffy crust and God himself sprinkled the parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes for your pleasure.

So once you feel that slight shame of overly loving pizza, do not fret. Multiple artist out there are going through the same pain. One Love as Bob Marley once sang…wait! See, another song about pizza!

Ladies, you know the song!

*Never Forget*


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