How You Know You Are From Iowa (Summer Version)

Everybody from out of state has their opinion about what makes somebody from Iowa ‘Somebody from Iowa’. From their favorite gas station pizza to the way they say sloppy joe/tavern/manwhich, us Iowans have a few characteristics that make us stick out from the rest. We notice it in other people and also in ourselves. I have complied a summer list that just screams I AM AN IOWAN AND I AM PROUD!

The week that Ragbrai takes place the weather will be hotter than satins home

You do not expect to get somewhere as quick as usual because road construction is happening…EVERYWHERE!

The kitchen trash can is missing- no fear, that just means somebody is shucking sweet corn, it IS that time of year.

Your favorite pizza is from Casey’s and others judge you because it is gas station pizza. Until you try it….DO NOT KNOCK IT!

Cyclone or Hawkeye fan. Pick.

You are traveling down the highway and see a sign that say how many miles until your destination which turns into the minuets it will take to get there.

The weather is actually an interesting topic of conversation and not just a time killer.

When you see orange hats in a field you say a silent prayer for each hat because you know the pain of detasseling (de-TASS-Lin).

You have heated arguments about what a saucy meat sandwich is ACTUALLY named: tavern, manwhich, or sloppy joe.

Most do not eat the week before the IOWA STATE FAIR! because you know that you will be gaining at least 5 lbs. walking through the gates and another 10 lbs. smelling all the different fried foods.

If you can relate, you are a true Iowan. The few and the proud!


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