Kisses from Paris xoxo Kardashian Family

Whether you are a Kardashian lover or a Kardashian hater, you secretly wish you were living their life for the last week. You wish that you had the fashion they were rocking, you wish you had as many Instagram likes as they did, you wish you had Kanye West as a (soon to be) brother in law….or are these just self-esteem issues I have been dealing with?

The Kardashians have been killing it this entire week. Giving me something to look forward to and gossip about with fellow Kardashian followers. I am loyal and I am here to tell you why I wish I was a Kardashian* in Paris.

1. The Fashion- there in no way that every piece that touched their perfectly curved bodies this week was purchased. Nope, I am going to go out on a limb and guess they were donated from top designers all over the world.

2. Instagram- I am not a like for like kind of girl so do not take this reason the wrong way. But I mean come on! I am happy with 12 likes on a photo…but to get over 100,000 I feel like I would be through the roof with the feeling that people actually care about me and this I am half way decent looking. (Let me rant, the Jenner sisters puberty is called money.)

3. The Food- bread. That is all I have to say.

4. Paparazzi- The Kardashians do not have to pay for professional photographs or bug another family member to take a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. Nope, all the Kardashians have to do is Google their name and date *BAM* copy, paste, print, and scrapbook. I would personally love to see them make a Christmas card of random paparazzi photos- defiantly fireplace display worthy.

5. Kanye West is your brother in law. I mean come on; Mr. West himself will be at family gatherings or holiday parties. This is the man who created one of the best hip-hop albums of my time, Graduation. This album went so hard and remains a classic to this day. Conclusion to this point: KANYE WEST WILL BE YOUR BROTHER IN LAW.

Even Rob Kardashian doesn’t have it as bad as people think this week. Yes, people made fun of him for gaining a few pounds. Who hasn’t gained a little weight over the years? Remember, we were born 7-9 lbs. so in reality we have all let ourselves go. But Rob is winning over all the haters. Rob has beautiful sisters, he is tweeting haters from a beautiful suite in Paris, he is friends with Lord Disick, and gets to hold/hangout with baby North. Robert is not doing too bad… no need to play your sympathy card for him just yet.

I end with a warm cheers to you Kardashian family, keep on killing my self-esteem and enjoy your perfect lives!

(Kardashian*)’s in Paris by Kanye West and Jay-Z is my reference there- in case you didn’t pick that up!

They can throw shade so hard

They can throw shade so hard

I need this outfit.

I need this outfit.

post baby/prewedding never looked so fabulous

post baby/prewedding never looked so fabulous


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