Ride or Die: Chicago Blackhawks

Ahhh, that time of year has come again in Iowa City. The weather is changing, people are happier, spring has sprung and the herd of Chicago (pronunciation shhheee-ceeegggg-gooo) Blackhawk ‘fans’ take over the city and its bar scene (and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Twitter, and Facebook). As defined by the ever so reliable Wickipedia “A fan, sometimes also called aficionado, fanny or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something, such as a band, a sports team or entertainer.” As defined by the college community of Iowa City and myself “A fan is a person who is only devoted to a team when they play to win a cup or to fit in with their peers so they drown themselves in (insert team name) paraphernalia”

I get it, if you grew up in a town near a big city where an awesome hockey teams plays, cool wear the clothes and say that you like them. Your mom and dad took you to a couple of games when you were a kid and you cannot get enough of the hockey season, cool wear the clothes and say you like them. You are the one of the ‘guys’- you have grown up around all types of sports and know all about them, cool wear the clothes and say you like them. You want to impress people that you are from ‘Chicago’ (aka a suburb that is 40 minutes outside of the city), cool wear the clothes. You are a twenty something who just recently discovered (2010 and on) who the Chicago Blackhawks are and see everybody else wearing the attire so, hell why not –it’s cool to be like everybody else, don’t wear it because that’s exactly how you come across..

I wish I knew more about hockey because I would love to ask people around Iowa City if they knew simple terms, positions, players, etc. I just think it would be interesting to see what percent of people actually like the game versus those who tag along. I write about this because I know when I see somebody wearing a “Let’s Get Weird” shirt they will know good quotes from Workaholics or when somebody is wearing a “Hustle or Die” shirt they know a thing or two about the streets. When it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks shirts I am afraid to ask if they know anything about the team.

Bottom line, if you are wearing a jersey/shirt be prepared back up your reasoning besides a drunk giggle or a broish response of “because its the cup”… you diehard ‘fan’ you!

Am I ranting? Sure. Am I jealous that I have do not have a Stanley Cup to my name? Sure. Am I a ‘bitter farm girl from Iowa’ no, I am not actually. I am just a simple student who happens to have a blog where she can post observations about her surroundings.

This is what a real fan looks like!

This is what a real fan looks like!

This is what a 'fan' looks like

This is what a ‘fan’ looks like


2 thoughts on “Ride or Die: Chicago Blackhawks

  1. This is how every sport is, not just hockey. Basketball is the same way with the Miami Heat. Baseball was the same with the Yankees for a while and now a lot of people root for the Cardinals. Football it is the Packers and Cowboys. Iowa people notice the Blackhawks “bandwagoners” more often because it is hockey season and the Blackhawks are a popular team in general. If the Bulls didn’t suck, which they do, then you would notice more Bulls fans out there. You could ask any person about a team they are repping and I would bet that most of them couldn’t tell you one thing apart from 3 of that team’s best players. Regardless, teams need fans, money, and publicity. Once the Blackhawks go on a dry spell it will kill the fan base a little bit. Personally, as a hockey player, I love that more fans are starting to care, but I would prefer that they had some basic knowledge of the sport. Good blog post though. Just realize that it isn’t only hockey.
    Also, people from Illinois are the reason this university has the money it does to stay relevant. Over 50% of this university is paying out-of-state tuition when they are one state over. We say we are from Chicago, because people from Iowa have no clue where all of the towns are located. There are more cities and towns in Illinois than in Iowa.

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