From Grease to Greasy!

I woke up Sunday morning and did my usual browsing through social media. Thumbing through Facebook I saw the loads of graduation photos, hot mess Iowa City photos, and posts about Mothers Day. What I came across I was not expecting…an advertisement about ‘Summer Romance’ but it only had photos of women in their undergarments (to put it politely). First of all how is that even allowed on my Facebook newsfeed? The only thing I browse that I close to porn is photos of cupcakes and pizza. I do not need to see this advertisement…but, the thing that captured my attention the most was the heading ‘In the mood for summer romance?’ When did we go from Grease to Greasy?

The movie Grease is a classic. Beautiful boy and girl fall in love in the summer but are torn apart by parents and life. Luckily, fate brings them back together and the rest movie history. But in the song ‘Summer Lovin’ there was nothing about women in the lingerie. No, it was about building sandcastles and getting friendly holding each others hands. Sandy was a classy lady who wore a skirt to her ankles and hair to her shoulders, that how she scored Danny. Yes, she comes back at the end as a stone cold fox with a giant ‘You want to get ride of me? Well here is what you are missing, stud’ but she was clothed. Danny was obsessed with her…not her colorful $25 bra set she ordered from Adore Me.

Some of you may say Amanda why another hate blog? Well, my friends, this is not a hate blog….I’m just in confusion about the idea switch on summer romances. If you have an answer, please send it my way. And let me just said that (obviously) if I were to gallivant around the streets of Waterloo I would have some kind attention…but I can tell you it wouldn’t be romantic. I would rather have somebody fall in love with me while I am wearing clothes. That is all.



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