Oh, You Wear Lululemon?

Oh, you wear Lululemon? You must love doing Yoga and work out all of the time. These are the first thoughts that come to my mind when I see a girl walk by in Lululemon on campus. Yes, I understand it is a name brand; they have good workout clothing and it shows others that you can afford to blow $80+ on yoga pants vs. the Victoria’s Secret ones that the peasants wear.

Of the girls I see on campus wearing this brand I am sure that at least 18% of them workout in Lululemon or actually enjoy going to the gym. The other 82% hate the gym. They would rather sit at home and re-pin their ‘dream’ workout body and a workout program that they just cannot forget about. *forgets 10 seconds after pinning a photo of deep fried cheesecake balls*

I am sure that when Lululemon was created there was no intention to be worn and not used. If you go to their website it shows that too. Their photos are of men and women working out not sitting on their phones Instrgramming selfies #Lululemon #ChiaTeaLatteSkinnyFat or chain watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.



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