Anti-This Could Be Us But You Playin

How my Twitter news feed got cluttered up with sloppy, sad, hormonal driven teenage relationship posts is beyond. I guess I have myself to blame for thinking I was going to like an account because of their Disney Princess making a snob face or the fact they had a cute filtered photo of a bow in their hair. I gave these twitter accounts a chance, but it backfired. They are constantly reposting things about When you see BAE, I want this relationship or This could be us but you playing.

Is that the cool new thing to do when you are in a relationship or (God bless this term) talking? In my day we went to Taco Bell and hung out with friends. None of this pushing me against the wall and gnawing on my bottom lip. People are jealous of this kind of teenage relationship? Why? Why be jealous a bunch of high schoolers taking fake staged photos of pushing each other against a wall or ‘laughing’ / canoodling on the couch. IF you push me…I WILL hurt you. Nobody puts baby in the corner or Amanda on the wall. I am not a perfect spelling test from the second grade or an honors student certificate.

So, no. This could not be us because I am not 14 and I respect myself. Keep playing kids- Amanda is going to mix herself a screwdriver to gulp down this harsh new reality of 21st century relationships. *sigh*



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