Sweet of the Day: The Lilly Pulitzer ’14 Spring Collection

My sweet of the day is Lilly Pulitzer’s Spring Pinsperation 2014. Lilly never fails to pull me in but this season/board is speaking to my preppy soul. Between the tulips, foxes, and mermaids my heart melts with every image I see.

I discovered the Lilly Pulitzer brand when my best friend and I were in Key West for spring break and came across her store- I could not resist falling in love with the bright colors and fun prints! I did not know how much of a history and customer loyatly the brand carried until I looked into hashtags and other blogs. Since then I have followed Lilly on Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook- I enjoy going on these and seeing what people are wearing or decorating their homes with. All of the women who love this brand are so preppy, stylish, and on top of their Lilly game.

Though Iowa does not have a lot of places to buy Lilly… some stores around my area are catching on and getting a few items here and there (Von Maur and TJ Maxx). I have to admit I have party planning Lilly books, notebooks, magnets, dresses….the list goes on. I even buy things for my friends to introduce them to the brand and just because I love it that much. My dream job as well as other women around the world would be to work at Lilly doing Marketing or Social Media! *someday, someday*

On that long love letter to Lilly- I cannot wait to see what the years will bring for Lilly Pulitzer and my closet!
PS: Counting down the days to wear my graduation dress…you guessed right- its Lilly!

She's a Fox!

She’s a Fox!



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