What Are You Looking At?

When I first heard the 1Direction song That’s What Makes You Beautiful the statement “The way you smile at the ground…” confused me. Who smiles at the ground? My answer was found a few days later browsing the classic “My Style” board. If you are unaware what a style board is it is filled with purses people can only dream of and hair that only airbrushing can give you. Another thing that the board provides a user with is photos of women looking down and smiling in cute outfits. But what are they looking at? Is it the new universal thing to do when you are wearing a cute photogenic outfit? Maybe I should try this out next time I take a photo in a cute outfit…well, no. Maybe not. I know that I actually look better when I am looking AT the camera and these are the reasons why…
1. My parents did not pay the large undisclosed amount to put braces on me in order to show off my smile to a concrete slab.
2. If I turn to the side I look like an Egyptian pharaoh- yes, it is a curse and a gift being born with these strong facial features. It is like Sarah Jessica Parker mated with KE$HA.
3. There is NOTHING interesting on the ground below me. You might catch me sneezing or finding a $5 bill but never purposefully looking at the ground in my Sunday best.

The conclusion is that these women must be confused where they are at or what they are doing. So instead of asking for help or directions they ponder with a smile on their face. How elegant of them. My advice is that the next time that you see somebody taking a picture while looking at the ground… be a kind soul, ask if they are lost and if not raise their chin up and face their head towards the camera.

This has been a public service announcement courtesy of Sunsets and Sweets.

what you lookingwhat you looking2


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