“Style” of College Students

If you were like most American teenagers, you did research about what college would be like, what classes should be avoided, and most importantly what to wear. While scanning Pintrest it is easy to see how people can be very disappointed when they get to college and realize people only dress in presentable clothing if they have a job interview or are going to appear in court after class (in attempt to get out of a drinking ticket). People do not wear skin tight jeans every day with a cute top. No. Just accept the fact that you may look like a homeless person 5 out of 7 days a week. Sure, guys are going to judge you for dressing like this and so will the girls who are always perfectly presentable. That is life. Sweatpants are your friend. Sweatshirts will feel like a giant warm sleeping bag you never want to leave (and probably won’t for that week of classes). Uggs are your protection from the harsh weather conditions being thrown at you. Accept it, embrace it, enjoy it.

And as for those overpriced but amazing Starbucks drinks? You will only be able to afford 1-2 every month. So get that image out of your head that everyday you will be grabbing a big’ol Frappuccino or Carmel Macchiato before class. BUT once you do have your monthly you are going to look like Brittney Pre-melt Down not the cute girl laughing while holding a drink or looking off in the distance at God only knows what. (I call those candid A.D.D. photos- but I will save that for another day.)

Conclusion: Thank you Pintrest for ONE of your MANY false hopes and promises about how my life will be..


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