Flannel is NOT the New Black

I read somewhere that flannel is the new black. False. This is not true and DO NOT believe it. Has flannel ever made you look like you DIDNT eat that full rack of Papa Johns Breadsticks? Has flannel ever been there when no other color would want to make you look good? Has flannel ever gotten as many compliments as black? Well, unless you are constantly attending country concerts or are ‘hip’ the answer to the following is NO. Flannel has never been there for you or me the way that black has.

Audrey Hepburn isn’t a style icon because she was wearing a tank top with a flannel that was tied around her waist at Tiffany’s. No. She was wearing that stunning black Givenchy that went down is clothing history, at Tiffany’s.

I love flannel under my puffer vests and that is about it. Sorry Kylie Jenner, sorry.



3 thoughts on “Flannel is NOT the New Black

  1. I totally agree!! And honestly, I cannot see any of the Kardashians as having any great sort of style. Black is definitely here to stay! 😀

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